On August 8, 1987, I was born in Goliad, Texas. When I was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with Myotubular Myopathy, one of the many forms of Muscular Dystrophy. Having the disease forced me into a wheelchair from birth, but this did not stop me from living an average childhood life.

I attended Yorktown Elementary School in Yorktown, Texas until the second grade. When I was seven, I moved to North Dakota where I attended Enderlin Public School until my sophomore year. The end of my sophomore year I ended up in the hospital where the only possibility of staying alive was to be trached. After trying to go my junior year of high school, I decided to drop out. Later on that year I got my GED. After working a few months it was time for a change, I moved to California at the age of eighteen.

The reason behind the move was to get more opportunities to make something of my life. The first year and a half was hard and I wasn't sure if it was the right move. That was when I got reconnected with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2008, things turned around. I was named Los Angeles County Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association where I was awarded the Robert Ross MDA Personal Achievement Award for my outstanding achievements and demonstration of success in overcoming the challenges of neuromuscular disease.

In April of 2008, I started attending Glendale Community College to get my business degree with a GPA of 3.25. While taking an adaptive sports class, I was introduce to wheelchair soccer. Later, I became one of the founding members of the Glendale Roughriders, a power wheelchair soccer team. Even though I am the youngest member, my teammates and coaches honored me with the title of captain

Having my family and friends support me through my ups and downs with Muscular Dystrophy, have allowed me to go after my dreams. As you can see, having a disability has not hampered my ability to attain my goals. From hospital stays to playing tee ball, to working with MDA, to attending college, the journey of my life has taught me a lot. I am blessed to live the life that I live. Having a disability has shown me the true beauty of life. That is what I want to share with you.

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